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Dr. J


Nutrition Coach

Intuitive Healer

Reiki Master

Dr. Juthika Jajal graduated from Life U in GA. She and her 3 teenagers moved here in 2017. Dr. J believes that you can achieve more happiness and better health by being mindful of your needs and creating balance in all aspects of who we are. Natural foods, happy thoughts, positive energy exchange, superior water, exercise and yoga & peaceful sleep.


Reflexologist & Rehab 

Michelle Bloodsworth, wife & Mom of 4 kids, recently moved to CO from GA. She has recently re-entered the Wellness industry with her Reflxology skills. Michelle’s overall focus is stress reduction through deep breathing, flexibility, and increased body function. 

Mobile Corporate Wellness

Chiropractic ~ Reflexology ~ 

Rehab & Nutrition


Receive a fabulous foot massage and relieve issues in your body with specific reflexology 

during your 15 minute break time. 

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Pain Solutions

Receive a quick, gentle and effective Chiropractic adjustment during your break time. If you need therapies and have the time, we will take complete care of you. 

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Do you have other health concerns? Allergies? Weight or Diet troubles? Low energy? Hormone imbalances? 

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No-Cost On- Site Wellness Programs • Chiropractic/ Chair Massage/ Reflexology

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